CVE-2013-4184: Insecure usage of /tmp/.UUID_STATE and /tmp/.UUID_NODEID #5

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This is a repost and update of - the bug tracker that CPAN points to appears to have changed at some point since 2011.

A symlink attack via Data::UUID is possible.

As user2:

ln -s /home/user1/test-file /tmp/.UUID_STATE

As user1:

perl -MData::UUID -e 'Data::UUID->new'

Then /home/user1/test-file is overwritten.

There are two points in UUID.xs which write to UUID_STATE_NV_STORE - both the DESTROY() and create() functions are affected.

On at least recent Debian kernels, it is necessary to disable symlink protection via "sysctl fs.protected_symlinks=0" to reproduce this issue.

A similar attack is possible via .UUID_NODEID, but only if combined with exploiting the race condition between fopen and fwrite, so this is much more difficult to reproduce.


I have requested a CVE id from oss-security, and I will come back and update the report when one is assigned.


I really don't do anything on this library but apply patches. It's been without a dedicated maintainer almost since release. A patch for this issue would be appreciated.

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