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Revision history for Getopt-Long-Descriptive
0.091 2012-02-22 18:15:08 America/New_York
don't die quite so violently when a Params::Validate constraint fails
(initial patch by harleypig@github; final blame to RJBS)
0.090 2011-04-21 20:43:07 America/New_York
bump prereq on Params::Validate to deal with recent buggy versions
0.089 2011-01-13
bump version to deal with busted PAUSE indexing
0.088 2011-01-12
fix infinite loop when long option documentation strings couldn't wrap
0.087 2010-11-30
long option documentation strings are now line-wrapped and aligned
correctly (Dave Rolsky)
0.086 2010-09-19
fix minimum required version of Sub::Exporter
minor tweak to avoid warnings when run with -w
0.085 2010-03-13
rewrite much of the documentation
0.084 2010-02-14
prevent auto-enabling of auto_help (Thanks, DOUGDUDE)
0.083 2009-12-12
create an Opts module to store the opts object code
add _specified_opts method and _specified method for Opts
0.082 2009-12-03
require Getopt::Long 2.33 for proper --no-foo handling
0.081 2009-11-27
\%opt will not contain entries for opts that were not given
(this reverts 0.079 and 0.080's new behavior of undef entries)
0.080 2009-11-27
fix option naming to ignore "+" used to mark cumulative options
fix direct calls to Getopt::Long::Descriptive::describe_options
0.079 2009-11-26 Happy Thanksgiving!
improve the "opt as object" facility to have all opts as methods
0.078 2009-08-21
refactoring to allow subclassing of Getopt::Long::Descriptive
0.077 2009-08-21
allow 'f' as an option name; had mistakenly required 2 characters
0.076 2009-08-20
bundle the accidentally omitted file
the $opt returned by described_options is now an object with accessors
0.075 2009-08-19
significant refactoring, especially to GLD::Usage, which is now a more
traditional (non-hash-based) object (RJBS)
0.074 2008-05-11
fix RT#35678 (thanks RJBS)
0.073 2008-04-04
packaging fix
0.072 2008-04-03
remove duplicate option name in test
0.071 2008-04-03
fix RT#34153 (bcbailey++)
0.070 2008-01-29
fix RT#32481 (nothingmuch++)
0.06 2006-08-20
Required options should not give an unhelpful
Params::Validate error message when they're missing.
Add %c to 'format' for command name.
Use [] for spacers in option list.
0.05 2006-01-25
Support negatable ('foo!') options from Getopt::Long.
0.04 2005-11-28
Include IO::Scalar prereq in Makefile.PL
0.03 2005-11-15
Add 'one_of' and 'hidden'.
0.02 2005-11-10
Bugfix: Getopt::Long type specifiers were sneaking
into option names
0.01 2005-11-10
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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