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Revision history for {{$dist->name}}
2.012 2014-11-30 08:49:01-05:00 America/New_York
avoid a newly-introduced warning on older perls (thanks, Christopher
J. Madsen)
2.011 2014-11-29 08:50:45-05:00 America/New_York
some optimizations in timestamp and pid logging (thanks, Olivier
2.010 2014-07-28 22:24:23-04:00 America/New_York
add the file_format option (thanks, Randy Stauner)
2.009 2014-01-11 14:14:11-05:00 America/New_York
load the Proxy class earlier, to get it loaded prefork
2.008 2013-09-26 20:39:11 America/New_York
fix test for JSON::PP, which doesn't always follow orders about
spaces! (thanks, Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker!)
2.007 2013-09-25 22:12:22 America/New_York
doc fixes and tests (thanks George Hartzell and Randy Stauner)
2.006 2013-04-05 15:02:05 America/New_York
put the ->info, ->fatal, ->debug methods on proxies, too
(thanks George Hartzell)
2.005 2011-04-07 23:16:40 America/New_York
add log_file and log_path options
2.004 2011-01-21 15:52:41 America/New_York
BUG FIX: it is okay to replace the default logger, always
2.003 2011-01-21 13:14:43 America/New_York
add config_id to allow faking Global equality when testing
2.002 2011-01-14 17:51:16 America/New_York
add env_value and env_prefix methods
2.001 2011-01-13 12:45:05 America/New_York
greatly expanded tests and documentation for L::D::Global
L::D now has "string_flogger" method to provide an alternate flogger
2.000 2010-11-23 18:48:53 America/New_York
1.102350 2010-08-23 08:55:17 America/New_York
fix a bug in generating tempdirs for file logging (thanks, Sawyer X)
1.102220 2010-08-10 11:09:30 America/New_York
added logger muting (mute, unmute, clear_muted, etc.)
new_tester turns off log_pid by default
internal simplification of Proxy
1.100712 2010-03-12 21:43:13 America/New_York
add the quiet_fatal argument to suppress apparent double-logging to
standard output and error streams
1.100711 2010-03-12 18:11:41 America/New_York
1.100710 2010-03-12 09:51:32 America/New_York
add the Log::Dispatchouli::Proxy system
get_prefix now always returns a scalar (undef, not ())
1.100691 2010-03-10 17:10:53 America/New_York
just like 1.100690, but passes its own tests!
1.100690 2010-03-10 14:24:59 America/New_York
remove obsolete "list_name" alias to prefix
object-level prefix no longer automatically ends in ": "
1.100681 2010-03-09 23:02:11 America/New_York
rerelease with a tarball that isn't totally insane
1.100680 2010-03-09 22:47:23 America/New_York
rewrite all log_ methods in terms of ->log
->log now includes the code formerly in the internal ->_log_at
add a new per-message prefix system
old-style prefix (to be removed) now handle multi-line messages
* new prefix system is not yet documented, pending experimentation
1.100670 2010-03-08 19:15:30 America/New_York
make env vars in code match env vars in docs
1.100660 2010-03-07 22:00:58 America/New_York
add clear_events method
loggers made with new_tester log to_self
1.100630 2010-03-04 18:41:13 America/New_York
some more docs
switch to Dist::Zilla for dist maintenance
declare some previously missing prereqs
1.008 2010-02-22
->fatal now redispatches to ->log_fatal
1.007 2010-02-22
->debug now means ->log_debug
->is_debug and ->set_debug replace the old ->debug
->log_info is replaced by ->info
1.006 2010-02-21
add is_debug, is_info, is_fatal
log_fatal logs as 'error' level
change the way the undocumented "prefix" system works
1.005 2010-02-12
make Makefile.PL prereq match actual required versions
1.004 2010-02-10
allow multiple arguments to ->log and friends
allow user to disable logging of pid
1.003 2009-01-15
relax a test that was complaining for no good reason
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