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Revision history for Sub-Exporter
0.102 2006-07-04
improved documentation
tweaked some Perl::Critic-offending code
0.100 2006-06-05
broken out of Sub-Exporter into its own dist
renamed routines to be easier to type
0.040 2006-05-11 (in Sub-Exporter)
tweaks to Data::OptList, moving toward its own dist: now it exports
expand_opt_list is now opt_list_as_hash
0.??? 2006-05-10 (in Sub-Exporter)
require Params::Util for craftier opt list validation
0.??? 2006-04-26 (in Sub-Exporter)
broken out of Sub::Exporter module
remove an "optimization" that broke expand_opt_list
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