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scary tools for building CPAN distributions
Perl Perl6
Latest commit 7ddf560 May 23, 2016 @rjbs v6.005
        - NextRelease now dies if there's no changelog file found
          (thanks, Karen Etheridge)
        - Module::Runtime replaces Class::Load (thanks Olivier Mengué)
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bin hyperlink POD properly Apr 21, 2016
corpus properly parse the version out of "; Foo::Bar = 1.23 ; comment" Apr 21, 2016
lib update auto-Path::Class to auto-Path::Tiny May 23, 2016
profiles/default the default minter now adds a version and @Basic Sep 17, 2010
t todo_skip uses TODO, not SKIP label Apr 27, 2016
.gitignore ignore the git nextversion cache :-/ Apr 23, 2016
.mailmap Mailmap rwstauner's cpan address Mar 3, 2015
.perltidyrc my semi-okay perltidy, by request Jan 10, 2015
.travis.yml new perls! test on them Jul 25, 2015
dist.ini drop Git 2.036 from [Breaks]; there is nothing newer! May 23, 2016
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