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bin hyperlink POD properly Apr 21, 2016
corpus Add listdeps options for requires/recommends/suggests. Mar 4, 2017
lib handle y/n prompting without interactive terminal Mar 12, 2017
profiles/default the default minter now adds a version and @Basic Sep 18, 2010
t new plugin to allow gathering individual files Mar 4, 2017
todo the zilla-subclasses todo is done! Jun 29, 2010
.gitignore ignore the git nextversion cache :-/ Apr 23, 2016
.mailmap Mailmap rwstauner's cpan address Mar 3, 2015
.perltidyrc my semi-okay perltidy, by request Jan 11, 2015
.travis.yml new perls! test on them Jul 25, 2015
Changes fix a typo in Changes Mar 5, 2017
dist.ini Depend on DateTime::TimeZone directly on Win32. Mar 4, 2017