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Revision history for Email-Abstract.
3.008 2014-12-27 18:36:19-05:00 America/New_York
- make results of get_body be the same on Email::{Simple,MIME}
- ...but this method is a mess, so maybe avoid using Abstract for body
3.007 2013-12-31 10:39:14 America/New_York
fix skip count when MIME::Entity is not present
3.006 2013-09-01 08:41:48 America/New_York
require Email::Simple 1.998 to allow ->new(\$string)
3.005 2013-07-30 09:57:36 America/New_York
repackage, update bug tracker, etc.
provide raw body on multipart Email::MIME messages (thanks,
[ #77624]
3.004 2011-02-18
If present, MIME::Entity must be v5.501; v5.500 had a regression (or
a bug fix, depending how you look at it) that broke header-reading.
While technically older versions that are not 5.500 would work, it is
much simpler to just require the newest version, rather than to
support a version range with a hole in it.
3.003 2010-11-08
replace Class::ISA with mro (MRO::Compat)
3.002 2010-06-11
avoid a warning in MailInternet with zero headers found
3.001 2008-12-11
declare our prereq on Scalar::Util
3.000 2008-12-09
accept scalar references for more efficient msg-from-string
2.134 2007-11-16
(no code changes from previous dev release)
2.133_05 2007-11-11
added is_available method to MIMEEntity plugin
2.133_04 2007-09-24
created Email::Abstract::Plugin base class; please use it!
added is_available method to plugins
is_available in the Mail::Internet adapter should solve header
folding issues (by preventing you from using it when it can't work)
2.133_03 2007-08-??
diagnostics in output to indicate what version of a module we used
2.133_02 2007-07-??
fix test planning
2.133_01 2007-07-??
add test to ensure that "can't handle" exception is thrown ASAP
remove unexplained requirement for perl 5.6
fix Mail::Internet header fetching to unfold headers
fix Mail::Message body setter, which hosed newlines
fix body handling for Mail::Internet
improved consistency of method used to find adapter class
improved tests and test coverage
2.132 2007-03-22
packaging improvements
2.131 2006-08-22
pod tests
2.13 2006-07-24
test for and permit passing Email::Abstract objects to Email::Abstract
class methods
2.12 2006-07-24
don't use MIME::Entity in test if it's not available
2.11 2006-07-22
better test planning
2.10 2006-07-21
add a new method to create wrapper objects
handle subclasses /properly/ (correct ISA order)
improved tests and test coverage
miscellaneous refactoring
update PEP URL
update documentation
2.01 2004-11-04
Minor Documentation Fix
Author Change
PEP Contact Added
2.0 2004-08-25 12:12:37 BST
Handle subclasses
0.01 2004-05-26 16:47 20
original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
-AX -b 5.6.0 -n Email::Abstract