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Fix for RT#78398: t/singlepart.t fails #3

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mbeijen commented Jul 20, 2012

Hi, I came across the issue that the test t/singlepart.t fails. At first I assumed it was a Win32 issue - more or less because that is where I discovered it first and I did not assume the module test to be broken - but I can also reproduce it on my Linux laptop with multiple different perls.

This commit fixes it for me; basically in the 'expected' string all line feeds were removed so they do not match the returned string.

rjbs commented Jul 27, 2012

I believe this bug has been fixed through other, though very similar, means. Please re-open it if I am mistaken!

@rjbs rjbs closed this Jul 27, 2012
mbeijen commented Jul 27, 2012

You're right, you fixed it in this commit four days ago, I updated my repo and I can verify it works.


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