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A common question is "Why doesn't Email::Sender::Simple automatically respect my Bcc header?" This is often combined with, "Here is a patch to 'fix' it." This is not a bug or oversight. Bcc is being ignored intentionally for now because simply adding the Bcc addresses to the message recipients would not produce the usually-desired behavior.

For example, here is a set of headers:


In this case, we'd expect the message to be delivered to three people: to_rcpt, cc_rcpt, and the_boss. This is why it's often suggested that the Bcc header should be a source for envelope recipients. In fact, though, a message with a Bcc header should probably be delivered only to the Bcc recipients. The "B" in Bcc means "blind." The other recipients should not see who has been Bcc'd. This means you want to send two messages: one to to_rcpt and cc_rcpt, with no Bcc header present; and another to the_boss only, with the Bcc header. If you just pick up Bcc addresses as recipients, everyone will see who was Bcc'd.

Email::Sender::Simple promises to send messages atomically. That is: it won't deliver to only some of the recipients, and not to others. That means it can't automatically detect the Bcc header and make two deliveries. There would be a possibility for the second to fail after the first succeeded, which would break the promise of a pure failure or success.

The other strategy for dealing with Bcc is to remove the Bcc header from the message and then inject the message with an envelope including the Bcc addresses. The envelope information will not be visible to the final recipients, so this is safe. Unfortunately, this requires modifying the message, and Email::Sender::Simple should not be altering the mutable email object passed to it. There is no clone method on Email::Abstract, so it cannot just build a clone and modify that, either. When such a method exists, Bcc handling may be possible.

Example Bcc Handling

If you want to support the Bcc header, it is up to you to deal with how you want to munge the mail and inject the (possibly) munged copies into your outbound mailflow. It is not reasonable to suggest that Email::Sender::Simple do this job.

Example 1: Explicitly set the envelope recipients for Bcc recipients

Create the email without a Bcc header, send it to the Bcc users explicitly and then send it to the To/Cc users implicitly.

my $message = create_email_mime_message;              # <-- whatever it is you're doing to get the message
                                                      # save copy with Bcc if desired, e.g. sent items
$message->delete_header('bcc');                       # delete the Bcc header before sending
sendmail($message, { to => '' }); # send to explicit Bcc address
sendmail($message);                                   # and then send as normal

Example 2: Explicitly set the envelope recipients for all recipients

You can make a single call to sendmail by pulling all the recipient addresses from the headers yourself and specifying all the envelope recipients once. Again, delete the Bcc header before the message is sent.

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