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Revision history for Games-Nintendo-Mario
- This may be the last update to Games-Nintendo-Mario! Although I
receive dozens of support requests or letters of appreciation each
day about this code, I receive very few patches, including those to
bring the library up to date with modern Mario standards such as
NSMB2 or NSMBU, let alone NSLU. Although I am happy to continue
supporting this library's dedicated userbase, I cannot do so without
hardware for comparison testing. Donations of a Wii U or 3DS console
would certainly lead to new versions, and hopefully to the
long-awaited Games::Nintendo::Metroid.
- update bugtracker and repository
0.205 2012-05-30
add New Super Mario Bros. Wii
0.204 2007-12-29
fix typo in POD; thanks ZPMORGAN!
0.203 2007-12-27
add support for Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
change internals for Hearts base class
0.202 2007-05-20
fix typo in NSMB docs
0.201 2006-11-13
packaging enhancements
more diagnostics on weird deaths
0.200 2006-07-30
first pass at NSMB
bug with flower while in fire state in SMB; broken test!
0.10 2004-09-21 09:40
minor cleanup
more documenation
test revisions
0.02 2003-12-08
second release, cleanup of the first
0.01 2003-12-06
first release
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