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Revision history for JSON-CPAN-Meta
7.001 2011-03-15
note that these tools are on their way to the ash heap
fix packaging error; META.json amusingly contained YAML
7.000 2009-05-18
correct a bug in EUMM plugin to add META.json to the manifest
minor documentation tweaks
6.000 2009-05-17
we now output META.json files instead of META.yml files
5.000 2009-03-21
minor packaging tweak
4.000 2009-03-21
improve the Module::Install plugin to behave more sensibly
(Ash Berlin)
3.000 2009-03-09
make the Module::Install plugin take the credit/blame for generated_by
implement a Module::Build helper
2.000 2009-03-09
implement a Module::Install plugin
1.000 2009-03-04
first release