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Revision history for Perl extension Mail::DeliveryStatus::BounceParser.
1.542 2016-01-28
Major overhaul to tests by Philipp Gortan
Tiny bug fixes
1.541 2015-10-06
Updated packaging: META.*, switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
1.540 2015-04-09
Avoid a "tried to array-deref undef" error
1.539 2015-03-23
Try harder to avoid smtp_code values that are not three digits
1.537 2015-03-17
Recognize the standard Postfix "rejected by rbl" as spam
1.536 2014-10-22
Add missing file from previous release that was causing
failed tests
1.535 2014-10-21
bug fix from
1.534 2013-03-26
Added another spam detection case (mstevens)
1.533 2013-01-23
Added two new spam detection cases (mstevens)
Hopefully fixed tests on newer perl, at the cost of slightly
reformatted messages. Why is Mail::DeliveryStatus::Report
a header object anyway? (mstevens)
1.532 2012-09-24
Added five new spam detection cases (mstevens)
New message too large case (mstevens)
1.531 2012-06-12
Three more spam detection cases (mstevens)
New message too large case (mstevens)
New over quota case (mstevens)
1.530 2012-02-16
Two more spam detection cases (mstevens)
Another unknown user case (mstevens)
1.529 2012-01-03
Patches from Ondeej Brablc to improve status parsing.
Adds new user_disabled standard reason.
add another spam detection case (mstevens)
add another message too large case (mstevens)
1.528 2011-12-09
Lots more spam detection (mstevens)
Another case of message too large (mstevens)
Fix previously miscategorised corpus message (mstevens)
1.527 2011-04-07
add another spam detection case (mstevens)
1.526 2011-04-01
more cases of over quota (mstevens)
misc. bug fixes (mstevens)
RJBS apologizes for the state of the git repository at tag 1.526
1.525 2010-10-30
(all changes by mstevens)
domain_error now reported for bounces due to DNS error (5.4.4, etc)
message_too_large now reported for oversize deliveries
messages from challenge/response systems should be identified
1.524 2010-06-10
test for more cases of over quota and spam (mstevens)
1.523 2010-03-18
test for more cases of over quota and spam (mstevens)
1.522 2010-01-28
add "spam" reason
numerous other improvements by mstevens
1.519 2008-01-14
fix POD coverage test (failure mode was weird and stupid)
1.518 2007-12-05
restore the somehow-deleted _construct_diagnostic_code
1.517 Fri Oct 20 2006
allow user to choose to prioritize original or final recipient
(below, mostly maintenance by William Yardley)
Updated docs
Removed p_ms preprocessor (should be needed anymore)
Fixed bug 21249 (extra \n causing message not to be parsed)
Added test for above
1.516 Tue Sep 26 2006
(most maintenance by William Yardley)
fix manifest
Remove some naive assumptions that were causing MBP to look at
bogus parts in non-bounce messages. This may break some stuff,
but is a first step towards fixing some longer problems.
Updated _std_reason regexp to catch some Exchange bounces
Fix a bug reported by Chris Dragon where the IIS smtp service uses
2 blank lines (rather than one) between each per-recipient field.
More new tests / emails in corpus
Improve email regexp
1.515 Tue Sep 5 2006
(most maintenance by William Yardley)
Fix a few regexps, including an unescaped comment.
Added more new tests, and updated some existing ones (including
some tests for minor issues that aren't resolved yet).
1.514 Wed Aug 16 2006
(most maintenance by William Yardley)
Ignore TMDA confirmation messages
Bit more address cleanup
Change around user unknown regexes
Update AOL's "sender block" preprocessor
1.513 Mon Jul 31 2006
(most maintenance by William Yardley)
Temp fix for bug #20751 - ignore attachments with /image/
in their content-type, add test for same
Added comments to a couple tests
Munged some email addresses in test messages
1.512 Sat Jul 29 2006
warning avoidance; lots of ($string||'') added
fix a bogus autoresponse detection
fix a bogus smtp code determination
1.511 Sun Jun 4 2006
added pod test
privatize a number of undocumented methods
1.510 Sat May 27 2006
some cleanup of code
switch to Module::Install
rename "new" method to "parse"
added first test message
1.501 Fri May 26 2006
new maintainer RJBS
many formatting changes
implementation of arg parsing grossly simplified
should be no functionality changes
1.5 Sun Mar 13 13:25:02 2005
new co-maintainer Aaron Crane <>
several improvements to 1.4's accuracy and speed
0.01 Wed Feb 12 13:28:03 2003
original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
-b 5.5.3 -A -X -n Mail::DeliveryStatus::BounceParser