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Changelog for Mixin-ExtraFields-Hive
0.007 2013-10-02 12:18:05 America/New_York
repackage to provide updated META data
0.006 2011-10-18 14:07:12 America/New_York
repackage to provide unbroken META data
0.005 2010-09-01
run the standard Data::Hive::Test suite
fix failures from the above: KEYS, and the *_ALL methods now work
0.004 2010-08-31
updated for Data::Hive 1.001
0.003 2007-04-02
add _delete_hive method (HDP)
0.002 2007-01-03
add _empty_hive method
0.001 2006-12-09
first release
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