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Revision history for Number-Nary
1.100312 2013-10-06 22:53:10 America/New_York
yet further packaging fixes (repo, bugtracker)
1.100311 2010-01-31 15:55:15 America/New_York
further packaging fixes
1.100310 2010-01-31 15:13:19 America/New_York
rebuild distribution using Dist::Zilla
0.108 2009-11-22
finally require UDCode, which MJD graciously wrote for us to use
mention Math::BaseCalc in docs
0.107 2009-11-22
do not skip postencode on unary encode
0.106 2009-11-22
support unary
decode the empty string to 0
0.105 2008-04-18
add a "postencode" argument and an example (in t/google.t) of use for
Google Chart API extended encoding
0.104 2008-04-07
repackage without all the resource fork files; thanks, OS X!
0.103 2008-02-21
add support for (some) unambiguous of variable-length digits (thanks to
MJD and WONKO for advice)
0.102 2007-01-03
add predecode argument, originally requested by NUFFIN
add recloc.t
0.100 2006-05-11
clean up documents
wide digit support
0.05 2006-03-13
oops, added main tests to manifest
switch to Sub::Exporter to offer curried subs for export
0.02 2005-10-01, five minutes later
added prereq listings
improved documentation
0.01 2005-10-01
First version, released on an unsuspecting world, inspired by JESSE.
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