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perldelta: Note is_utf8_char_buf() and is_utf8_char()

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Karl Williamson
Karl Williamson committed Feb 11, 2012
1 parent 7496853 commit 27f00e3d3ab119f7ef8f547e70d739672e381ebd
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@@ -130,6 +130,12 @@ and ZWNBSP for ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE.
More details on this version of Unicode are provided in
+=head2 Added C<is_utf8_char_buf()>
+This function is designed to replace the deprecated L</is_utf8_char()>
+function. It includes an extra parameter to make sure it doesn't read
+past the end of the input buffer.
=head1 Security
XXX Any security-related notices go here. In particular, any security
@@ -138,6 +144,13 @@ L</Selected Bug Fixes> section.
[ List each security issue as a =head2 entry ]
+=head2 Use C<is_utf8_char_buf()> and not C<is_utf8_char()>
+The latter function is now deprecated because its API is insufficient to
+guarantee that it doesn't read (up to 12 bytes in the worst case) beyond
+the end of its input string. See
+L<is_utf8_char_buf()|/Added is_utf8_char_buf()>.
=head1 Incompatible Changes
XXX For a release on a stable branch, this section aspires to be:
@@ -190,6 +203,12 @@ listed as an updated module in the L</Modules and Pragmata> section.
[ List each deprecation as a =head2 entry ]
+=head2 C<is_utf8_char()>
+This function is deprecated because it could read beyond the end of the
+input string. Use the new L<is_utf8_char_buf()|/Added is_utf8_char_buf()>
=head1 Performance Enhancements
XXX Changes which enhance performance without changing behaviour go here. There

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