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Revision history for {{$dist->name}}
0.103004 2014-12-26 22:31:16-05:00 America/New_York
- fix a regression in 0.103003, in which Nonpod paragraphs were not
converted into Pod5::Nonpod paragraphs by the Pod5 transformer
0.103003 2014-12-23 21:11:26-05:00 America/New_York
- remove use of Moose::Autobox
0.103002 2014-10-27 21:12:54-04:00 America/New_York
- make classes immutable to improve runtime speed
0.103001 2014-05-20 20:45:43-04:00 America/New_York
- load Class::Load, which older Moose does not automatically load
0.103000 2014-01-12 09:03:06-05:00 America/New_York
Pod::Elemental::Document only adds leading =pod or trailing =cut if
they are not already present
0.102364 2013-11-28 07:27:08 America/New_York
stop using deprecated Class::MOP::load_class
0.102363 2013-10-09 17:15:13 America/New_York
update bugtracker and repo metadata
0.102362 2012-05-04 22:42:29 America/New_York
do not fail to nestify elements at the end of a sequence just because
they couldn't get any new children; it can break things down the
line; q.v., [ #69189]
0.102361 2011-08-05 10:32:02 America/New_York
the Pod5 transformer no longer loses vertical whitespace after Data
0.102360 2010-08-24 07:52:09 America/New_York
avoid a deprecation in Moose 1.10 by using new-style "-excludes"
0.101620 2010-06-11 19:39:05 America/New_York
no longer throws exception on empty regions (RT #57834)
0.100220 2010-01-22 10:31:46 America/New_York
Autochomp workaround for the loss of "has '+attr'" in roles in new
0.093280 2009-11-24 18:37:04 America/New_York
emit a =begin/=end pair instead of =for in more cases where required
0.093000 2009-10-27
correct a regex is format region parsing to allow multiline =for
0.092970 2009-10-24
fix the loss of newlines when combining verbatim paragraphs
minor documentation fixes
0.092941 2009-10-21
Pod5 elements now "Autochomp" so their content has no trailing newlin
0.092940 2009-10-21
relatively extensive documentation added
improve behavior of =for/=begin/=end stringification
no longer convert many subsequent Pod5::Ordinary paras into one
0.092930 2009-10-20
introduce Pod5::Nonpod for self-=cut-enclosing nonpod sections
improved output of as_debug_string methods
0.092920 2009-10-19
introduce Pod::Elemental::Transformer::Gatherer
refine the criteria for emitting =for instead of =begin/=end
pod5 transformer can convert =for into a Region
0.092910 2009-10-18
transformers now operate on nodes, not documents
introduce Pod::Elemental::Transformer::Nester
introduce Pod::Elemental::Selectors
remove more dead code and modules (region-related, mostly)
0.092901 2009-10-17
improve vertical whitespace handling
improve as_debug_string
0.092900 2009-10-17
Pod5 support is, at least tentatively, complete
0.092500 2009-09-07
major restructure
lots of features removed, but they'll come back
0.091470 2009-05-27 20:43:28 UTC
temporary workaround for new Pod::Eventual's "blank" events
0.003 2009-01-31
experimental Document class
0.002 2008-10-25
first release with documentation worth mentioning