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Global messages from rjlib:

1) receiver "accelerate", 
   module accelerate.pd
   - magnitude float: gives the magnitude of an accelerator motion
   - pitch float: the pitch 
   - roll float: the roll 
   - x float: raw x value
   - y float: raw y value
   - z loat: raw z value

2) receiver "touch"  ??? TODO: document
   module touch.pd
   - tap float: 
   - float
   - float
   - speed float float

3) receiver analyse 
   module analysepitch.pd
   - pitch float: a pitch value when a pitched sound is detected
   - continuouspitch float: always delivers a pitch
   - onset bang: bang if an onset is detected
   module analysesimpleonset.pd
   configuration: onset_threshold float: default value 10
   - simpleonset bang: cheap, basic onset detector

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