Abstractions and externals for writing RjDj Scenes
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In this directory you will find various objects to use in RjDj. 


The main subfolder here is "rj" that includes the rj abstraction library that you
can freely copy into you scene directory. It has it's own README so check that out.


These are abstractions that you should copy somewhere into your Pd search path. 


Here you will find the source code for some externals that are included in the RjDj
mobile app. Some only run on the phone, but some you can also compile to run on your 
composition machine.


These files should not be used anymore. They used to be part of the mobile app
and may be required when running some scenes, but please don't make new ones
that rely on the files being available.

(Of course you can still use the abstractions by making a copy to your scene directory.)