Chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more friendly.
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Chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more user friendly.

  • jQuery support: 1.4+
  • Prototype support: 1.7+

For documentation, usage, and examples, see:

Contributing to Chosen

Contributions and pull requests are very welcome. Please follow these guidelines when submitting new code.

  1. Make all changes in Coffeescript files, not JavaScript files.
  2. For feature changes, update both jQuery and Prototype versions
  3. Use 'cake build' to generate Chosen's JavaScript file and minified version.
  4. Don't touch the VERSION file
  5. Submit a Pull Request using GitHub.

Using CoffeeScript & Cake

First, make sure you have the proper CoffeeScript / Cake set-up in place.

  1. Install Coffeescript: the CoffeeScript documentation provides easy-to-follow instructions.
  2. Install UglifyJS: npm -g install uglify-js
  3. Verify that your $NODE_PATH is properly configured using echo $NODE_PATH

Once you're configured, building the JavasScript from the command line is easy:

cake build                # build Chosen from source
cake watch                # watch coffee/ for changes and build Chosen

If you're interested, you can find the recipes in Cakefile.

Chosen Credits

Notable Forks