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using System;
using Microsoft.Analytics.Interfaces;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
namespace LogParser
[SqlUserDefinedExtractor(AtomicFileProcessing = true)]
public class LogFileReader : IExtractor
private Encoding _encoding;
private byte[] _row_delim;
public LogFileReader(Encoding encoding, string row_delim)
this._encoding = ((encoding == null) ? Encoding.UTF8 : encoding);
this._row_delim = this._encoding.GetBytes(row_delim);
public override IEnumerable<IRow> Extract(IUnstructuredReader input, IUpdatableRow output)
string line;
//Read the input line by line
foreach (Stream current in input.Split(_row_delim))
using (StreamReader streamReader = new StreamReader(current, this._encoding))
line = streamReader.ReadToEnd().Trim();
LogRowParser splitter = new LogRowParser();
LogRowElements parts = new LogRowElements();
parts = splitter.ParseElements(line);
output.Set<string>(0, parts.IP);
output.Set<string>(1, parts.Identity);
output.Set<string>(2, parts.UserId);
output.Set<string>(3, parts.Timestamp);
output.Set<string>(4, parts.Offset);
output.Set<string>(5, parts.RequestMessage);
output.Set<string>(6, parts.StatusCode);
output.Set<string>(7, parts.Size);
output.Set<string>(8, parts.Referer);
output.Set<string>(9, parts.URL);
output.Set<string>(10, parts.UserAgent);
output.Set<string>(11, parts.Forwarded);
yield return output.AsReadOnly();
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