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jQuery and Wordpress plugins for infinite scroll

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Infinite Scroll

The jQuery and Wordpress Plugins:

As of version 2.0, option names have changed. Here is a list:

  loading: {
    finished: undefined,
    finishedMsg: "<em>Congratulations, you've reached the end of the internet.</em>",
    img: "",
    msg: null,
    msgText: "<em>Loading the next set of posts...</em>",
    selector: null,
    speed: 'fast',
    start: undefined
  state: {
    isDuringAjax: false,
    isInvalidPage: false,
    isDestroyed: false,
    isDone: false, // For when it goes all the way through the archive.
    isPaused: false,
    currPage: 1
  callback: undefined,
  debug: false,
  behavior: undefined,
  binder: $(window), // used to cache the selector
  nextSelector: "div.navigation a:first",
  navSelector: "div.navigation",
  contentSelector: null, // rename to pageFragment
  extraScrollPx: 150,
  itemSelector: "",
  animate: false,
  pathParse: undefined,
  dataType: 'html',
  appendCallback: true,
  bufferPx: 40,
  errorCallback: function () { },
  infid: 0, //Instance ID
  pixelsFromNavToBottom: undefined,
  path: undefined

In addition, you can pause infinite scroll to stop it from triggering, and later resume it.

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