Short Tutorial on saving an image to a Geopackage using QGIS 3.x
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Software: QGIS 3+

Platform: Any

You can store images in [Geopackage] ( In this case I'm going to take the image in my qgis session and save it to geoapckage. Later I can save vector data into this same geopackage.

qgis desktop

In order for an image to go into a geopackage it has to be in byte format. In this case my image is float32 (NAIP).


Note the data type (almost in the middle) is float32. I need to convert it to byte. In order to convert it you need to use the gdal_translate tool in the Geoprocessing toolbox.


When that runs you have a image that is named converted that is added to your layer panel. From there, Right click on your image in the layer panel and go to Save As


You have now saved a image to a geopackage.