vagrant file to set up a test environment for postgis, gdal, geoserver, geowebcache
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This is a reproducable VM to run postgresql/postgis/geoserver to test data for clients. Why vagrant? For me less time worrying over docker.

This box is built for 4GB of RAM and 2GB are given to Geoserver. Adjust as necessary.


I downloaded two pieces of software to make this work:

Once both of those are installed you can add the vagrant base image by doing:

vagrant box add ubuntu/bionic64

Building the Box

Create a directory to hold your vagrant box. Create a data directory in that directory. That will be your spot to pass data back and forth between the box and your host machine.

Once the bionic box is installed you want to grab the vagrantfile and the file from

In the directory you have created and downloaded the vagrantfile and into - type:

vagrant up

Once created you can access the components as follows:

http://localhost:8080/geoserver/web/ - For Geoserver

localhost:5433 - for PostGIS


Occasionally you'll need to update your base image:

vagrant box update

To kill the box:

vagrant destroy

To pause the box:

vagrant suspend