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=== 0.3.1 / 2010-02-09
* Server now posts to the 'responses' exchange, as recommended by the SOA
over AMQP recipe. This allows removal of the uuid dependency and probably
a 200% speedup in the future.
* Releasing TOAMQP::SpecServer as well. This should help develop clean spec
code when using toamqp.
* FIX :pass / :password can now both be used
* FIX Filtered queues now really work. A mixup with the queue names would
result in messages being sent to the wrong receiver.
* FIX: Threading issue with multiple connections
* FIX: Now also works with Ruby 1.9
=== 0.3 / 2010-01-01
* Complete rewrite: Code is now much more structured and the specs reflect
intent better.
* New API - more rails like, less configuration to remember.
* SLOW: Tops at about 100 messages per second. This limitation can be much
improved upon by creating less connections and creating connections more
=== 0.2
* New API that allows clearly expressing intent.
* The oneway limitation falls: bidirectional communication becomes possible.
=== 0.1.1
* Service point abstraction over exchanges and queues.
* FIXED: Race condition on server/client creation
* All connects now go through the Connection class. This is the main class and
the others don't really need to be exposed anymore.
* Tracking bunny version (now 0.6.0) - Queue#pop changed its semantics
* Now uses the headers argument for message routing. See oneway_spec for an
example of this.
As a consequence, all queues generated are private (appending uuid to the
exchange name) and messages will get forwarded to all servers that match
the headers. This used to be a kind of round robin behavior.
=== 0.1.0 / 2009-08-27
* One-way communication with a thrift service, using a header exchange.
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