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Pylinter Sublime Text 2 Plugin

This is a small plugin for Sublime Text 2 that allows automatic Python source code checking by Pylint.

Since Pylint can take a while before it has completed its task (multiple seconds), it is run from a separate thread, so the plugin won't lock up Sublime Text.

The plugin can be automatically invoked on save or by a keyboard shortcut.

Support for Pylint configuration files is included.


Pylint needs to be installed separately!


Before the plugin can be used, you must provide a full path to the lint.py module of your Pylint installation!

  • python_bin: The full path to the Python executable you want to use for running Pylint or simply python if you want to use your default python installation.

  • python_path: An optional list of paths that will be added to Pylint's Python path.

  • working_dir: An optional path to the working directory from which Pylint will be run.

  • pylint_path: The full path to the lint.py module.

  • pylint_rc: The full path to the Pylint configuration file you want to use, if any.

  • run_on_save: If this setting is set to true, Pylint will be invoked each time you save a Python source code file.

  • ignore: A list of Pylint error types which you wish to ignore.

    Possible values:

    • "R" : Refactor for a "good practice" metric violation
    • "C" : Convention for coding standard violation
    • "W" : Warning for stylistic problems, or minor programming issues
    • "E" : Error for important programming issues (i.e. most probably bug)
    • "F" : Fatal for errors which prevented further processing

Project settings

You may also store settings in your *.sublime-project files. Create a "pylinter" section as shown below and override any or all of the described settings:

            "path": "/N/development/fabrix"

Commands & Keyboard Shortcuts


The plugin can be invoked by a keyboard shortcut:

  • OS X: Command+Alt+z
  • Linux, Windows: Control+Alt+z

Toggle Marking The marking of the errors in the file can be toggled off and on:

  • OS X: Command+Alt+x
  • Linux, Windows: Control+Alt+x

Quick List To see a quick list of all the Pylint errors use:

  • OS X: Command+Alt+c
  • Linux, Windows: Control+Alt+c