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Single player version of the game made in javascript with primary use of phaser library
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Working title: Firewall Penitentiary

firewall-penitentiary: A game by Daniel Day, Jamie Leask, Thomas Murphy and Matthew Sullivan

It is the year 2103CE and the planet now stands on the brink of overpopulation.
To save on space and reduce overhead, convicted criminals are now hard wired into 'on-line virtual prisons,' computer simulations in which their brains interface directly with server while their bodies are kept healthy but paralyzed until they have served out their sentence. In some cases, especially where criminals with a more violent history are concerned, their antics are broadcast on the media bands as a form of entertainment. A modern cybersport, if you will. A fraction of the proceeds help fund the ailing justice system but the majority serve to line the pockets of investors and CEOs.

A game written in JavaScript and uses Phaser library.

Game link below, chrome blocks the phaser library plugin unfortunately, so you will need to enable it to view the game

View Game Here!

to learn more about the library visit

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