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# Customize your installation of claw.
# Set parameters in this file and execute it before running
# CLAW = path to this directory where claw lives
# PYTHONPATH = any path needed to access modules required by python.
# The $CLAW/python directory will be appended to this path.
# IPYTHONDIR is no longer set by this script since IPython 0.11 and above
# uses a new configuration system.
# See
# for instructions to set this up.
# MATLABPATH = any path needed to use Matlab.
# The $CLAW/matlab directory will be appended to this path.
# FC = fortran command, e.g. 'gfortran'
# Note that gfortran or some other flavor of f90/95 is now required
# due to dynamic memory allocation.
import os
import sys
clawdir = os.path.abspath('.')
CLAW = clawdir
print " "
print "------------------------------------------------------------"
# check if the Fortran Compiler is already set:
FC = os.environ['FC']
FC = 'gfortran'
if FC in ['f77','g77']:
print '*** FC = ',FC,' will not work with this version.'
print ' gfortran or other flavor of f90/95 required'
print '*** resetting FC to gfortran\n'
FC = 'gfortran'
clawpythondir = os.path.join(clawdir,'python')
PYTHONPATH = ":".join((clawpythondir,"${PYTHONPATH}"))
clawmatlabdir = os.path.join(clawdir,'matlab')
MATLABPATH = clawmatlabdir
if clawmatlabdir not in MATLABPATH:
MATLABPATH = MATLABPATH +":"+ clawmatlabdir
print "Full path to claw directory should be:"
print " $CLAW = ",clawdir
setenvcsh = open("setenv.csh","w")
setenvcsh.write("setenv CLAW '%s'\n" % CLAW)
setenvcsh.write("setenv FC '%s'\n\n" % FC)
setenvcsh.write("setenv MATLABPATH '%s'\n\n" % MATLABPATH)
setenvcsh.write("setenv PYTHONPATH '%s'\n" % PYTHONPATH)
setenvcsh.write("alias clawserver 'xterm -e python $CLAW/python/ &' \n")
setenvbash = open("setenv.bash","w")
setenvbash.write("export CLAW='%s'\n" % CLAW)
setenvbash.write("export FC='%s'\n\n" % FC)
setenvbash.write("export MATLABPATH='%s'\n\n" % MATLABPATH)
setenvbash.write('export PYTHONPATH="%s"\n' % PYTHONPATH)
setenvbash.write("alias clawserver='xterm -e python $CLAW/python/ &' \n")
print "------------------------------------------------------------"
print "The files setenv.csh and setenv.bash contain the appropriate"
print "commands to set environment variables for csh or bash shells"
print " and also some aliases you may find convenient "
print "------------------------------------------------------------"
print " "
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