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National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program Benchmark Problems ***SEE README FILE BELOW***
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== NTHMP Tsunami Benchmark Problems ==

To download all files in this repository, click on "Downloads" near the top
of this page and select tar or zip format.

Volunteer BP Stewards are listed below for each Benchmark Problem,
as part of the BP folder name.

Contact a BP Steward through the e-mail address distributed with
the Workshop Notes by Bill Knight and Rick Wilson.

Stewards are responsible for organizing BP material to facilitate
other modelers that want to run the BP.    For example ...

1. README file with an overview
2. Problem description
3. Explanatory figures
4. Test case parameters required by the NTHMP Mapping and Modeling 
   Subcommittee for model approval
5. Input data needed to run the BP
6. ..., etc.

Stewards should:

1. Organize the BP material in a folder on their own computer ...
subfolders and any type of file or document can be used, including
documents with URL hyperlinks to material at other sites.

2. Compress the folder ... tar or zip, e.g.

3. Send the file to our BP Wiki Webmaster, Paul Chamberlain ( pmc22
at ) for uploading to your BP Wiki Folder, with a copy to
Frank Gonzalez ( figonzal at )

If you want to create your own GitHub account and be able to check things
directly into the repository using Git, see the tips at
and then notify us of your GitHub account name.
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