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Expressive database wrappers for Go.
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This package is a wrapper of many third party database drivers. The goal of this abstraction is to provide a common, simplified, consistent layer for working with different databases without the need of SQL statements.

You can read our online documentation at


Use go get to download and install gosexy/db.

$ go get

This package provides shared interfaces and datatypes only, in order to connect to an actual database a wrapper is required.

Available wrappers

Connecting to a database

You may want to read a more descriptive reference on how to connect to databases using gosexy/db.

Importing the database

Once you've installed a driver, you need to import it into your Go code:

import ""

Setting up a database source

We are going to use the mysql driver in our examples. If you want to use another driver (such as mongo) just replace mysql with the name of your driver and everything should work the same.

sess := mysql.Session(
    Host:     "localhost",
    Database: "test",
    User:     "myuser",
    Password: "mypass",

The db.DataSource is a generic structure than can store connection values for any database in a consistent way.

// Connection and authentication data.
type DataSource struct {
  Host     string
  Port     int
  Database string
  User     string
  Password string

Connecting to a database

Use your recently configured db.Database to request the driver to actually connect to the selected database using db.Database.Open().

// Setting up database.
sess := mysql.Session(
    Host:     "localhost",
    Database: "test",
    User:     "myuser",
    Password: "mypass",

err := sess.Open()

// Don't forget to close the connection when it's not required anymore.
if err == nil {
  defer sess.Close()


To know how to query the database you've just connected, please read the online reference.

You can also read gosexy/db documentation from a terminal

$ go doc

Things to do

This is an evolving project, there are still some things to do:

  • Add db.Upsert and db.Modify for SQL databases.
  • Add CouchDB support.


2012/09/21 - Changing some methods parameters and return values, improving error handling and testing many data types.
2012/08/29 - Created the main site docs and moved the repo to "".
2012/07/23 - Splitted database wrappers into packages. Changed ``db.Where`` to ``db.Cond``.
2012/07/09 - First public beta with MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite3.
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