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Have you have any reported problems with vagrant reload? Seems like anytime I run it the env gets hosed in one way or another. Sometimes it runs magento upgrades which seem to kill off the admin account amongst other issues (have to manually go in the DB to reset). Another time it fails to run install.php and the chef provisioner dies.

To follow up here. The install.php failure was my fault, ignore that. But a vagrant reload will always re-import the sample database and env which always wipes everything previously there.


rjocoleman commented Apr 5, 2013

This is a vagrant_magento cookbook issue.
It's too tightly coupled at this point i.e. all processes are initiated in the default Chef run.
vagrant halt and vagrant reload where not in my workflow when I put this together.

It should be separated out into discrete processes as separate recipes.

There is a substantial refactor I'm working on that is not ready for release yet.
I will leave this open and update when it's released.

To clarify, does that mean that if you ever turn the environment off then you have to do a clean install again to get it back up?

Regardless, thanks for all your hard work so far!

If it helps at all, @adamgotterer, the --no-provision flag solves this issue for vagrant up and vagrant reload. :]

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