wxPack is a complete wxWidgets Development Kit. Includes: wxWidgets source/binaries, wxFormBuilder (RAD Tool), and various contributed widgets.
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Latest commit 107a69f Nov 1, 2016 Chris Steenwyk If wxWidgets_USE_STATIC is set to true, link against the lib, if fals…
…e then the dll, if undefined look at BUILD_SHARED_LIBS and take appropriate action

Corrected 64bit check
Bumped up the version



  • Tweak setup.h
  • Update version in wxCompiled, wxVC, wxAdditions, wxPack .iss
  • Download the latest version of the CHM help files for wxWidgets and extract the zip to 'support/'.
  • Update to the latest wxWidgets Git tag.
    • git submodule init
    • git submodule update
    • cd wxwidgets
    • git checkout WX_2_8_12
    • cd ..
    • git add wxwidgets
    • git commit -m "moved submodule to WX_2_8_12"
    • git push