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wxPack Features

  • Single place to get most, if not all your wxWidgets needs.
  • All of the included packages (components) are optional. For example, you can make the install only install wxFormBuilder if you want.
  • It can be the master uninstaller for all the components it actually installed.
  • All the components are kept up to date.
  • Simplifies wxWidgets application development because it takes all the work out of building and configuring your system to work with wxWidgets.

wxPack Components

  • wxWidgets v2.8.12
  • wxWidgets source
  • wxWidgets examples
  • Compiled with:
  • Compiled as:
    • Static Libraries
    • Monolithic Static Libraries
    • Dynamic Libraries
    • Monolithic Dynamic Libraries
    • Unicode and non Unicode for all targets
  • wxFormBuilder v3.x RAD tool
  • wxAdditions (Package of contrib wxWidgets widgets)
    • Each widget includes source
    • makefiles for Visual C++.
    • makefiles for MinGW Gcc.
    • BakeFile build system.
    • Compiled with:
    • Compiled as:
      • Static Libraries
      • Dynamic Libraries
      • Dynamic Libraries linked against monolithic wxWidgets (uses an 'm' in the library name to show it was compiled against the monolithic dll of wxWidgets)
      • Unicode for all targets
    • Included widgets:
  • OBSOLETE - wxVC (Visual Studio 7.0/7.1/8.0/9.0 wxWidgets Integration)
    • A wxWidgets new project wizard
    • Keyword help integration
    • Automatically finds VC and installs itself right there.
  • AutoBuildNumber