Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a list of frequently asked questions that answer quick questions about wxPack.


How do I install the helper applications and other files, other than the wxWidgets library, to another location that is not the C:\Program Files\...?

All you have to do is use the commandline parameter /DIR="x:\dirname" when executing the installer. A fully qualified pathname must be specified.
Example: E:\downloads\wxPack_v2.8.0.03.exe /DIR="E:\wxPack"

If I install everything, how much disc space will wxPack take up?

If you choose to install all version of wxWidgets and all the helper applications it should take about 2-6GB.

Is wxPack changing any of the source of the wxWidgets library?

No. wxPack does not manipulate any of the source files of the wxWidgets library. It only is a pre-built set of libraries built with a select set of compilers.