Make EC2 a little bit less of a pain.
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What is it?

Effectively, nothing more then a bunch of bash/zsh scripts and helpers to simplify working with EC2 from the command line. These scripts take some of the grunt work out of starting your instances; you can quickly start instances in every region, get a list of instances and their tags in a conveient format, and also some starter scripts to bootstrap (your instances) to success.


EC2 is great, except when it's not. Want to run something on multiple regions? Great, go lookup the AMI number for each region, then setup your keys for each region, then go and run ec2-run-instances for each region; am I getting the point across? It's a pain, and when all you want is to start a bunch of machines it gets in the way.

How do I use it

> git clone 
> source easy-ec2/


> start-instances <# of instances> <us-east-1|us-west-1...> <name for instances>
> list-instances 
i-0001 my-server
i-0002 my-server

>stop-instances <region> <name>

# stop instances named "name" in all regions
> stop-all <name>