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javaprof - An Accurate Sampling Profiler for Java

Newer JDK versions come with a builtin hprof agent for profiling, but it lags when you are trying to do distributed profiling of long running systems. It starts when your program starts, and continues until the program exits. In the meantime, you can't collect any information you need.

This project provides a sampling based profiler for Java using the JVMTI interface. You must have a version of the Java JDK installed to use this; for Debian based systems use:

apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk

Run 'make' to build the project. The profiling library will be generated in; copy it to wherever you need to use it. You can use the profiler with any java program via the agent path directive:

java -jar MyProgram.jar

By default, the profiler will behave the same way as the hprof profiler, producing an hprof compatible profile in the /tmp/jvmprof.txt directory.

Network usage

javaprof supports starting and stopping of a profiler while your program is running. A very simple HTTP interface is provided, by default on port 19999. To start profiling:

curl http://myhost:19999/profile-start?time=30

If no time argument is given, the profiler will run indefinitely. To pause profiling:

curl http://myhost:19999/profile-stop

To fetch the current profile data:

curl http://myhost:19999/profile-fetch > hprof.txt

To clear the profile data:

curl http://myhost:19999/profile-clear

Viewing profiles

The HPROF format can be difficult to use directly, but the excellent gprof2dot script can generate a graphviz output suitable for humans.