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Some extensions to work with synchromesh:

* Pull out RPC interface
* Add DummyRPC for testing
* Move fiber related code into separate header.
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A simple, header-only library to make working with MPI more awesome.

It's integrated with the GNU pth user level threading library which greatly simplifies certain operations.


  • GNU pth (libpth-dev)
  • Boost


Normal MPI operations

rpc = MPIRPC()

// Send a message all other workers (a la broadcast)
rpc.send_all(MessageId, some_struct);
rpc.recv_pod(MessageId, &some_other_struct);

Helper functions for splitting data

// Split a message into chunks of (bufsize / num\_workers) bytes
// and send to everyone
vector<float> buffer(1000000);
rpc.send_sharded(MessageId,, buffer.size());

Easy grouping of workers

// Designate a range of workers to operate on
rpc2 = MPIRPC(0, 10)

Using threads

We can use the threading support to get a nicer, event-driven (RPC-like) interface for running things like a server:

void process_update(int worker) {
  struct WorkerUpdate w_up;
  rpc.recv_pod(worker, WorkerUpdateId + worker, &w_up);
  rpc.recv_data(worker, WorkerUpdateId + worker, &big_data, big_data_size);

for (int i = 0; i < num_workers; ++i) {
  fiber::run_forever(boost::bind(&process_update, worker));

while (1) {

Since MPI-RPC integrates with the GNU pth library, we can issue what appear to be blocking operations; internally they are converted to the appropriate ISend/IRecv and polled using MPI_Test. In the above example we can receive updates from one or more workers in parallel, with a fraction of the boilerplate that we'd have to use otherwise.


File an issue or email me.

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