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My Clojure-related (but mostly non-Clojure-implemented) tools and stuff
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This is just a small repo for me to keep track of my Clojure-related tools; scripts, JAR files, etc. I split this out of my dotfiles repo since it really didn't fit the "dotfiles" label any longer.


Aside from having copies of clojure.jar, clojure-contrib.jar and any others that I regularly use, the main contents of this repo are a pair of executable scripts:


This is a generalized launcher script for Clojure, written in Perl. It requires Perl 5.10.0, but uses no external modules, only core Perl. It could be back-ported to Perl 5.8.0 without too much difficulty. I wrote it because I had been using a bash script (Jocho's clojure script in his clojure-extra repository), but found that I wanted more flexibility in specifying JAR files to the class path, as well as other options. So I set out to write something only a little more complex than the original bash script, and ended up with this.

It's ended up being actually quite a bit more complex than the bash script.

But that happens, sometimes.


This is a less-general script, probably of less interest to others than the clojure script itself. It is a bash script that uses the clojure script to launch a Swank server using my local copy of swank-clojure. The body of the script (the eval-code, etc.) hails from the swank-clojure script that the leinengen tool installs when you have it download/install swank-clojure through maven. I just adapted it to my needs, is all. This is the script I use to start a Swank server to use with emacs/SLIME. You're welcome to use it, too, but it has some hard-coded paths that don't have command-line alternates, unlike the clojure script itself.

General Use

These are mostly for my own edification, but if others find them useful and have some helpful suggestions, I'm glad to hear them. For example, clojure is very *nix-centric in how it looks up files and paths, because I generally don't use Windows platforms. I can fix that, if others really want it, but for now I have no need to.

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