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This will be where I move the application that currently drives the
cpan_linked Twitter account ( I intend to
add more functionality (including interactive request/reponse capabilities)
and make it available on CPAN.

Mon Jun  8 14:15:27 PDT 2009
The file just added, "cpan_linked", is the CURRENT bot-script that I run
from a server at home in my sort-of office. I'm putting it here for now as
a point of reference for anyone who wants to look at it. Some bits are read
from a YAML configuration file, which I've put here as "cpan_linked.yml".
Of course, the password is not there :-). But all the fields that are
referred to in the daemon script are there, so you can see what they are
used for.

Like I said, this is just the hastily-thrown-together prototype that I've
been using for the last several months. It isn't what I eventually plan to
have as the "real" bot...