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These are my dot-files. There are many like them, but these are mine.
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This is my dot-files repository. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Some of this (particularly the install script and lesskeys file) taken from Marcel Grünauer's repo (which does not appear to be on GitHub any longer).

Odds are good that this is of very little interest to anyone else.


There are two other repos of mine that are spin-offs of this one. If you're genuinely interested in this repo, then I suppose you may be interested in them, as well:

  • vim-config

    This is my Vim configuration. It isn't that exciting right now, because I'm not really a Vim power-user. But I do use it in some places where I prefer it over emacs, so I am trying to become better with it.

  • emacs-config

    This is my emacs configuration. There is more here than there is in the Vim config, because I'm primarily an emacs user (probably about 80% of my text editing). I have over 20 years' worth of various tweaks and modifications in my emacs set-up, though I have recently done a large-scale overhaul of it and pruned out a lot of cruft I no longer used.

Both of these spin-off repos make use of git's submodule feature. I first spun off the emacs configuration, largely using Jason Filsinger's blog post "Emacs, Git, Business & Pleasure" as a guide. I then followed suit with the Vim stuff.

The install and Files

As mentioned previously, the file install owes its roots to Marcel Grünauer, but I have added two things to it that were not in the original:

  • If there is a file under the hosts directory that matches the (short) name of this host, I install it in ~ as .bash-NAME. There is logic in .bashrc that looks for such a file and sources it if found. This is where I keep stuff that should actually be different between hosts. (In fact, I also look for per-domain files and source those as well, but I only use that feature at work, and the contents of that file would not be appropriate to keep on a public repo.)
  • If there is a file called dotfile_tags.yml in ~, then it is passed to the script. The file is simple YAML, and it just defines basic substitutions/expansions for "tags" in files from this repo. You see, the first draft of this repo, I left my GitHub auth token in my .gitconfig file... anyway, I now keep such secrets in non-tracked files on each host and let take care of them for me.

My God, Are You Still Reading This?

Any suggestions or hints are always welcomed. I also only just switched from tcsh to bash in early 2011, so there are probably things in the various .bash* files that could be done better than they currently are.

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