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use strict;
use vars qw(@MODULES @APACHE_MODULES $do_apache);
use Test::More;
# Verify that the individual modules will load
@MODULES = qw(RPC::XML RPC::XML::ParserFactory
RPC::XML::Parser RPC::XML::Parser::XMLParser
RPC::XML::Procedure RPC::XML::Method
RPC::XML::Client RPC::XML::Server);
@APACHE_MODULES = qw(Apache::RPC::Server Apache::RPC::Status);
# If mod_perl is not available, Apache::RPC::Server cannot be blamed
eval "use Apache";
$do_apache = $@ ? 0 : 1;
plan tests => (scalar(@MODULES) + scalar(@APACHE_MODULES));
# Core modules
use_ok($_) for (@MODULES);
# Test these only if Apache (v1) is available
skip "No mod_perl 1.X detected", scalar(@APACHE_MODULES) unless $do_apache;
use_ok($_) for (@APACHE_MODULES);
exit 0;
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