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# Test the RPC::XML::ParserFactory class
use strict;
use vars qw($p $req $res $ret $ns $dir $vol $config %parsers);
use Test::More tests => 26;
use Symbol;
require File::Spec;
require IO::File;
use RPC::XML ':all';
($vol, $dir, undef) = File::Spec->splitpath(File::Spec->rel2abs($0));
$dir = File::Spec->catpath($vol, $dir, '');
%parsers = (
'XML::Parser' => 1,
# See if we should run tests dependent on XML::LibXML
eval "use XML::LibXML;";
$parsers{'XML::LibXML'} = 1 unless $@;
# The organization of the test suites is such that we assume anything that
# runs before the current suite is 100%. Thus, no consistency checks on
# RPC::XML::* classes, RPC::XML::Parser::XMLParser or any of the other
# parser-instance classes that are currently part of the distro.
# Start by testing with the XML::Parser wrapper, since that is the only one
# that is "required" (for now).
use RPC::XML::ParserFactory;
$p = RPC::XML::ParserFactory->new();
isa_ok($p, 'RPC::XML::Parser', '$p');
isa_ok($p, 'RPC::XML::Parser::XMLParser', '$p');
$req = RPC::XML::request->new('test.method');
$ret = $p->parse($req->as_string);
isa_ok($ret, 'RPC::XML::request', '$ret');
is($ret->name, 'test.method', 'Correct request method name');
$res = RPC::XML::response->new(RPC::XML::string->new('test response'));
$ret = $p->parse($res->as_string);
isa_ok($ret, 'RPC::XML::response', '$ret');
is($ret->value->value, 'test response', 'Response value');
# Test some badly-formed data
my $tmp = $res->as_string;
$tmp =~ s/methodResponse/mR/g;
$ret = $p->parse($tmp);
ok(!ref($ret), 'Bad XML did not parse');
like($ret, qr/Unknown tag/, 'Parse failure returned error');
# For all the evals, to avoid namespace pollution, we'll keep incrementing
# this...
my $ns = 'namespace0000';
my %aliases = (
'XML::Parser' => [qw(XML::Parser xml::parser xmlparser)],
'XML::LibXML' => [qw(XML::LibXML xml::libxml xmllibxml)],
'XML::SAX' => [qw(XML::SAX xml::sax xmlsax)],
# Test with the various aliases for XML::Parser
for my $alias (@{$aliases{'XML::Parser'}})
eval <<"EndOfEval1";
package $ns;
use RPC::XML::ParserFactory (class => $alias);
\$main::p = RPC::XML::ParserFactory->new();
isa_ok($p, 'RPC::XML::Parser', "Alias $alias: \$p");
isa_ok($p, 'RPC::XML::Parser::XMLParser', "Alias $alias: \$p");
# The non-xmlparser parsers are all optional, so skip their sets if the
# parser isn't in the config:
for my $parser (qw(XML::LibXML XML::SAX))
(my $factory_class = $parser) =~ s/:://g;
$factory_class = "RPC::XML::Parser::$factory_class";
skip "$parser not detected, tests skipped", 6
unless $parsers{$parser};
for my $alias (@{$aliases{$parser}})
$p = RPC::XML::ParserFactory->new(class => $alias);
isa_ok($p, 'RPC::XML::Parser', "Alias $alias: \$p");
isa_ok($p, $factory_class, "Alias $alias: \$p");
exit 0;
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