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#!/usr/bin/env perl
# Test the data-manipulation routines in RPC::XML
## no critic(Bangs::ProhibitVagueNames)
## no critic(RequireInterpolationOfMetachars)
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use RPC::XML 'smart_encode';
my $obj;
plan tests => 11;
# First ensure that we can't actually create these objects unless we explicitly
# enable the extension:
$obj = RPC::XML::nil->new();
ok(! defined($obj), 'Did not create a nil without first enabling nil');
like($RPC::XML::ERROR, qr/RPC::XML::ALLOW_NIL must be set/,
'$RPC::XML::ERROR correctly set');
# Enable and try again
$obj = RPC::XML::nil->new();
isa_ok($obj, 'RPC::XML::nil');
# Check stringification and length
is($obj->as_string, '<nil/>', 'Stringification');
is($obj->length, 6, 'Length of element');
# Test the convenience function
isa_ok(RPC_NIL, 'RPC::XML::nil');
# Verify that anything passed to the constructor has no effect on the created
# object:
$obj = RPC::XML::nil->new('ignored');
isa_ok($obj, 'RPC::XML::nil');
is($obj->as_string, '<nil/>', 'Stringification');
is($obj->length, 6, 'Length of element');
# With nil enabled, smart_encode() should now encode undef as a nil, not as a
# null-length string:
$obj = smart_encode(undef);
is($obj->type, 'nil', 'smart_encode undef->string type');
is($obj->value, undef, 'smart_encode undef->string value');
exit 0;
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