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$Id: ToDo,v 1.5 2002/08/01 07:33:44 rjray Exp $

* The HEAD request should set Content-Type to text/xml.

* Support compression with Compress::Zlib, a la XMLRPC::Lite. Signify it in
  the CT header the same way (so that the two are compatible with each other)
  and make sure that the token appears in the HEAD response, so a client can
  compress requests as well as expect compressed responses.

* Create more examples. Of particular use would be examples of encapsulating
  an existing library with wrappers.

* Try to create tests for Apache::RPC::Server, perhaps using the
  Apache::AuthCookie approach to testing as a guide.

* Work towards getting the contents of methods/ to match the developing XML-RPC
  introspection standard.

* Work on getting all error messages and codes to conform to the developing
  XML-RPC consensus.

* Use the Apache API call from the cookbook to append identification to the
  "real" Apache Server: header.

* Fix things so that the Apache::RPC::Server class doesn't trigger loading
  of HTTP::Daemon (or anything else that isn't needed).
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