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noah edward hall noahehall

This is what i dreamed into reality

YAY area

shilch shilch

Student from Germany.

School Germany

James Young jamesyoung

self San Francisco, CA

HappyQQ happyqq

关注一切有趣的开源软件或作者, 重点关注网络安全、人工智能、系统软件研发等相关领域。 China

Borna Almasi balmasi

Tasky Inc Toronto, Canada

Colm O'Shea colmose

@mcqs Dingle, Co. Kerry

蔡伦 sliuqin

alipay china/hangzhou

Jay Kumar jayyvis India

Adam LeBlanc AdamLeBlanc

Young, energetic, developer with a passion new projects and businesses. Don't contribute to open source as much as I should, but I'm planning on fixing that.


Esen Sagynov kadishmal

I'm a Senior Node.js Engineer at NAVER, Korean IT Corporation. SO profile:

NAVER Corp. Seongnam, Korea

Mark Freer Nanyte25

I have worked for many years in the Cloud computing arena for companies Like IBM, AWS. Currently I work at Red Hat mobile as a Senior software Developer.

Red Hat Mobile

Wender wender

Development Lead (Front End)

Lendico Brazil São Paulo, Brazil

Yiğitcan UÇUM Yumonra07

Work account of @Yengas.

Amonra Antalya, Turkey

Saad AOUAD saadaouad

Coder, web developer @obytes, Passionate about new technologies :rocket:

@obytes Casablanca ,Morocco

Tuan Anh Tran tuananh

Hotel Quickly Ltd Bangkok, Thailand

George Gkirtsou ggirtsou

Software Engineer. I have a thing for automation & scalability. Learning Go. Interested in every part system: DBs, ITOPS, Cloud

@zanox London, UK

Bobby Larson karma0

Hire me. @RobotStudio @TheLarsonAgency

@TheLarsonAgency @RobotStudio Denver, CO

Ben Bieler benbieler

Currently working @scandio. Mainly doing Node awesomeness, React, Angular 2, Java and Scala

Scandio GmbH (@scandio) Munich, Germany

Nicolas Azari nicodinh

Je suis biodegradable.

iHealthLabs Europe Paris, France

Denis Luchkin-Zhou jluchiji

Ex Node.js loyalist looking for greener pastures in the land of Go

Seattle, WA

Collins Agbonghama collizo4sky

Web developer, Writer, Geek.

W3Guy LLC Nigeria

Ismail Reida ismailrei

software engineer

@Devisjs Rabat - Morocco

Joseph Dykstra ArtskydJ


RenWeb Iowa

balmainctf balmainctf

I have to be Skillful of Nodejs, PHP, Vue, React till 2017.07 also want to try to learn Go and Java ,but let it aside for a be continue 頑張れよ

Hasit Mistry hasit

I am a Computer Science student making tools for @citwild research. My primary language is Go. Love fruits and play percussion instruments.

Seattle, WA