A couchapp that you can export your Havest billing data to. Includes some Views and associated graphs you wont get in the standard Harvest app.
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I wanted to see some reports with graphs that the good folks over at http://getharvest.com were not offering so I exported my detailed data in CSV, uploaded it into a CouchDB with the csv2couchdb couchapp, exported some JQuery mobile templates from http://codiqa.com, turned those templates into a couchapp with the node.couchapp.js tool, wrote some mapreduce queries for CouchDB to get the output I needed, and then graphed that output with HighCharts.js. I have more reports I'll build as time goes on and I'll make sure to share them in this repository. If you also use Harvest for billing and want to write your own reports, I'll be happy to help you get set up if you promise to send pull requests my way.


  • "Weekly" view - Hours and Costs summed over a period of a week and graphed together on seperate Y axis.