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Agile Data the Book

You can buy the book here. You can read the book on O'Reilly OFPS now. Work the chapter code examples as you go. Don't forget to initialize your python environment. Try linux (apt-get, yum) or OS X (brew, port) packages if any of the requirements don't install in your virtualenv.

Agile Data - Chapter 5: Collecting and Displaying Atomic Records

Setup Python Virtual Environment

# From project root

# Setup python virtualenv
virtualenv -p `which python2.7` venv --distribute
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Store Emails in MongoDB

pig -l /tmp -x local -param avros=<my_inbox_download_path> -param mongourl=mongodb://localhost/agile_data.emails -v -w avro_to_mongo.pig

Create the date and message_id indexes in MongoDB

mongo < list_emails.mongo.js

Or paste that file into the mongo shell.

Access Emails from Python

To test the 'pymongo' module by listing emails, run:

python ./

Store Emails in ElasticSearch

pig -l /tmp -x local -v -w ./elasticsearch.pig

Search Emails from Python

Test pyelastic and the ElasticSearch query/sort APIs via:


Run Inbox Application

Finally, run our Python/Flask web application.

python web/