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python Moved chapters to conform to final book structure.

Agile Data the Book

You can buy the book here. You can read the book on O'Reilly OFPS now. Work the chapter code examples as you go. Don't forget to initialize your python environment. Try linux (apt-get, yum) or OS X (brew, port) packages if any of the requirements don't install in your virtualenv.

Agile Data - Chapter 7: Building Reports

Setup Python Virtual Environment

# From project root

# Setup python virtualenv
virtualenv -p `which python2.7` venv --distribute
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Analytic Inbox Application

Most of this chapter will involve running our Python/Flask web application.

python web/

Calculate Related Email Addresses

To calculate top email addresses, run:

pig -l /tmp -x local -v -w related_email_addresses.pig

This will create a mongodb store: 'mongodb://localhost/agile_data.related_addresses'

Check MongoDB for Related Email Addresses

Run 'mongo.js', or in the mongo terminal:

mongo agile_data
db.related_addresses.ensureIndex({address: 1});

Fix Sent Distributions in Pig

In Mongo:

use agile_data

Then run pig:

pig -l /tmp -x local -v -w ./sent_distributions_fix.pig

Extract Topics per Email and per Address

To calculate TF-IDF scores, run:

cd pig
pig -l /tmp -x local -v -w topics.pig

To process topic scores into topics per email, run:

cd pig
pig -l /tmp -x local -v -w process_topics.pig

To publish topics per email message to MongoDB, run:

cd pig
pig -l /tmp -x local -v -w publish_topics.pig

Verify Topics in MongoDB

In Mongo:

use agile_data
db.topics_per_email.ensureIndex({'message_id': 1});
db.topics_per_email.findOne({'message_id': ''})
    "_id" : ObjectId("510ef2803004df85dba4ec3a"),
    "message_id" : "",
    "topics" : [
            "word" : "grass",
            "score" : 0.31845143365191986
            "word" : "plant",
            "score" : 0.2810330077326449
            "word" : "rye",
            "score" : 0.20285020154575548
            "word" : "sack",
            "score" : 0.19571670266698085
            "word" : "topsoil",
            "score" : 0.19381049907089434
            "word" : "warms",
            "score" : 0.19207027153110176
            "word" : "turf",
            "score" : 0.1889872579345566
            "word" : "weeds",
            "score" : 0.16849717160426886
            "word" : "winter",
            "score" : 0.13641124134559518
            "word" : "dad",
            "score" : 0.12483962902570728
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