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#CommonCrawl Support Library


The commoncrawl source code repository is used as a distribution vehicle for our custom Hadoop InputFormat (ARCInputFormat located in Please refer to the CommonCrawl website at for more details on how to access our crawl corpus.

The sample class (located in org.commoncrawl.samples) for an example of how to configure the InputFormat. A more detailed example of how to use it in the context of a Hadoop Job will be forthcoming.

##Build Notes:

  1. You need to define JAVA_HOME, and make sure you have Ant & Maven installed.
  2. Set hadoop.path (in to point to your Hadoop folder.
  3. Make sure you have the thrift compiler (version 0.7.0) installed on your system.
  4. If you want to use the Google URL Canoncilization library in Hadoop job, copy the shared libraries under lib/native/{Platform} to /usr/local/lib or equivalent.

#Sample Usage:

Once commoncrawl.jar has been built, you can execute a job/sample via the bin/ script. The sample class (located in org.commoncrawl.samples) demonstrates
how you can go about configuring our InputFormat. To run the BasicArcFileReaderSample against an ARC file in the corpus (2010/01/07/18/1262876244253_18.arc.gz for example), you would run the following command line:

bin/ org.commoncrawl.samples.BasicArcFileReaderSample {AWS ACCESS KEY} {AWS SECRET KEY} commoncrawl-crawl-002 2010/01/07/18/1262876244253_18.arc.gz