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@@ -42,20 +42,28 @@ Setting up Defects4J
- Java 1.7
- Perl >= 5.0.10
- Perl modules: run `cpan Bundle::CSV DBD::CSV DBI` or `sudo cpan Bundle::CSV DBD::CSV DBI`
- Git >= 1.9
- SVN >= 1.8
- Perl >= 5.0.10
#### Java version
All bugs have been reproduced and triggering tests verified, using the latest
version of Java 1.7.
Note that using Java 1.8+ might result in unexpected failing tests on a fixed
program version. The next major release of Defects4J will be compatible with
Java 8.
#### Perl dependencies
All required Perl modules are listed in `cpanfile`. On many Unix platforms,
these required Perl modules are installed by default. If this is not the case,
you can use cpan (or a cpan wrapper) to install them. For example, if you have
cpanm installed, you can automatically install all modules by running:
`cpanm --installdeps .`
#### Timezone
Defects4J generates and executes tests in the timezone `America/Los_Angeles`.
If you are using the bugs outside of the Defects4J framework, export the `TZ`
environment variable accordingly.
If you are using the bugs outside of the Defects4J framework, set the `TZ`
environment variable to `America/Los_Angeles` and export it.
Steps to set up Defects4J

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