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Improve instructions for using local version of Randoop

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mernst committed Feb 9, 2020
1 parent 44af209 commit aa5da2884148cc7648699709e13d40650a2084dc
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@@ -83,12 +83,8 @@ =head2 Randoop configuration
environment variable C<RANDOOP_CONFIG_FILE>. The default configuration file of Randoop
is: F<framework/util/randoop.config>.
To use a locally-built version of Randoop, do the following (update the version number):
cd ${D4J_HOME}/framework/lib/test_generation/generation && \
ln -sf ${RANDOOP_HOME}/build/libs/randoop-all-4.0.4.jar randoop-current.jar && \
ln -sf ${RANDOOP_HOME}/build/libs/replacecall-4.0.4.jar replacecall-current.jar
To use a locally-built version of Randoop, see the instructions in
use strict;
@@ -49,8 +49,7 @@ more details about the defects and requirements).
```export TESTGEN_LIB_DIR="path-to-directory-containing-randoop-current.jar"```
* You can copy and rename `.jar` files from a local version of Randoop:
(cd MY_RANDOOP && ./gradlew assemble)
(cd $D4J_HOME/framework/lib/test_generation/generation && MY_RANDOOP/scripts/ "-current")
(cd MY_RANDOOP && ./gradlew assemble) && (cd $D4J_HOME/framework/lib/test_generation/generation && MY_RANDOOP/scripts/ "-current")
3. Run the test generation and coverage analysis:

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